Our Company:

      Pete Tornquist, the founder and president of ABCO Roofing, Inc. began roofing in 1975. After working as a subcontractor for different roofing companies over the years, he felt there was room for improvement in the way customers were treated and the services they received. Pete and Marla Tornquist started this company in 1988 with emphasis on integrity and a goal to provide excellent service to customers. ABCO Roofing was approved for membership in the Better Business Bureau of Fort Worth in May, 1990 and remains an accredited business with an A+ rating.  You may have noticed many new roofing companies have appeared in your area when there has been a big storm, or since the decline of our nation’s economy. We were here before the storm and we will be here after the storm to provide you with the roofing experience you deserve and to honor our 5-year workmanship warranty. A good portion of our business is from satisfied customers and their referrals to friends and neighbors. We remember our customers.  They are not just another job or another roof to us, they are our neighbors and friends and the fabric of what makes our company successful and great.

      Because of our ambition to provide customers with quality services and products, and continue with our original goal to improve the roofing experience, ABCO Roofing is pleased to be celebrating its 22nd year in business serving Tarrant and surrounding counties.

Meeting your expectations:

      Most people agree hands on experience cannot be substituted by reading general installation guides, or having done a roof for an uncle some years ago. There are variables with most roofing projects which need to be addressed while the job is in progress. This demands a trained eye and knowledge gained through experience.

      Because Pete has put in the long hours, sunrise to sunset, installing roofing materials including: shakes, wood shingles, hot tar, modified bitumen, composition shingles, composite shingles, metal panel roofing and re-decks, the finished product is installed correctly.  Our crew members, some of whom have been with our company for over 13 years, take pride in their work which results in job well done.  We understand that each roof is unique and certain designs of roofs require particular attention to detail to make sure there are not problems down the road. This range of experience and knowledge provides our customers the quality service they should expect and deserve from a roofing company.

How we can help:

      We have learned that each person’s needs are different. By taking the time to listen to our customer’s individual wishes for their home roofing project, we are able to provide the products and services desired. Our relationship with five area roofing material suppliers enables us to find the type and color of shingle each customer prefers. We bring sample boards or actual shingles to our customers to ensure they can take their time choosing the color and product that will enhance their home. We offer choices of color-coordinated accessories designed to blend with the roof and enhance the appearance of their home.

      We understand that insurance paperwork can be confusing therefore we strive to help reduce the confusion for our customers by handling their insurance claim paperwork. Because we work with homeowner insurance claims on a daily basis, we are familiar with the necessary steps required to help cover all or a portion of the deductible. We file the correct paperwork with insurance companies to recover all money due to the policy holder from the insurance claim for all work completed. Warranty information for the materials installed is provided, as well as Class 4 Certificates for our customers who have hail resistant roofing installed in order to receive the Residential Reduction in Premium given by most insurance companies.



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