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Residential Roofing in Keller Texas

We have had an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau since 1990. We have been been servicing residential and commercial roofs, gutters and roof repairs in Keller, TX since 1988. We provide the best in roof repair and roofing replacement for all kinds of homes and commercial buildings.

ABCO Roofing, is fully licensed and insured. We also provide FREE Estimates and we can assist with the insurance paperwork, and get your roofing project completed on time and on budget.

We Serve Keller Texas and the surrounding areas

While most homeowners are perfectly aware of how important the roof is, they aren’t always as diligent as they should be about keeping up with roof repairs.
Reasons we offer for letting us take exemplary care of your roof include:

  • Preserving the overall value of your home
  • Preventing small issues from becoming larger (and more expensive) issues over time
  • Making sure your homeowners policy remains intact
  • Preventing leaks, mold, mildew and other problems commonly associated with roofing issues
  • Saving money by taking care of minor issues ASAP

In addition to offering a number of services for residential roofs, we back those services with a five-year workmanship warranty. As a business that’s received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, why should you expect or settle for anything less?

Roof Maintenance in Keller Texas

Problems with your roof are something that’s bound to happen sooner or later, so you might as well be made aware of them as soon as possible. Developing a roof maintenance plan is highly recommended, as doing so lets you know the problems your roof is starting to develop as well as the issues you’re likely to have in the future.

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Commercial Roofing Services in Keller Texas

While residential and commercial roofing share many of the same properties and purposes, there are also several differences between the two. Since 1988, ABCO Roofing, has been repairing, replacing, inspecting and providing warranties for commercial roofs throughout Keller, Texas. Additionally, we also like to inform our customers of the steps they can take to better care for their roofs to extend their life while lowering their short- and long-term costs.

Prevalent Roofing Problems for Business Owners

Before we launch into the most common roofing problems experienced by business owners, we’d first like to express how essential it is that you keep up with roofing maintenance. While regular maintenance won’t keep you from experiencing any roofing issues, it most certainly goes a long way in keeping those issues from getting out of hand and eating through your funds, funds that you can funnel back into your business.

Some of the issues you might experience with your roof include:

  • Standing water, which is often attributed to either a block or clog in a drain, but can also result from poor mopping during the installation of a hot bituminous roofing system Poor flashing or pitch pans, which is also the leading cause of roof leaks due to the shrinking and expanding of the flashing
  • Decreased wind uplift resistance, which can lead to blown-off chimney caps and vents as well as the eventual infiltration of water
  • Blocked drains, which are the result of tree branches and leaves not being cleared from around a drain cover
Our technicians are careful that they perform a thorough inspection of your commercial roofing in order that you’ll be made aware of any issues that require your attention. If you decide to allow us to take care of your necessary repairs or replacement, know that all our work is covered by a five-year warranty. Learn more by calling (817) 447-9156, or submitting a Contact Us form.